The Diversity of EarthCorps.

A Global Community through local Environmental Service.

EarthCorps is a non-profit environmental organization located in Seattle and associated with AmeriCorps where half of its volunteer staff are American citizens from around the nation and the other half are citizens from around the world.  EarthCorps teaches environmental restoration techniques to its volunteer staff during the 11-6 month program (11 months for Americans, 6 months for Internationals) so that every member can take what they have learned back to their home town, state, organization or country and continue to teach those techniques to others so that people the world over can work towards making their environment healthy. EarthCorps’s mission statement is “to build a global community through local environmental service.”

I was lucky enough to participate in a program-and-a-half with EarthCorps and I learned so much not only about environmental restoration, but also about diversity and overcoming its obstacles. Now, let me clarify that I have always been an open-minded and generally accepting person, but I had not been exposed to a large amount of variety in terms of people and culture until EarthCorps. I had crew mates from Alaska, Armenia, Brazil, California, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Maine, Massachusetts, Mexico, Minnesota, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, North Carolina, Ohio, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Washington and Wisconsin. And there were still so many other people involved with EarthCorps that I had the pleasure of working with. With people from around the world, I laughed, I cried, I argued, I sweat, I bled and I learned. I learned about the many and vastly different cultural beliefs of my crew mates. I learned words and phrases in four different languages (most of which I can still remember). I laughed at jokes that somehow are known across the globe and others that I had never heard before. I also cried with my crew mates at the loss of one of our own. Every day was a learning experience about how even though we are so different, we aren’t.

This diverse community provided me with a more-than-perfect setting to butt heads with different cultures, to learn the extent of my patience and to create friendships that will never break no matter the distance.

Thank you,

Rebecca Y.

BIO100 Spring2012



About A Quarter In Spain

I am a student of North Seattle Community College. With the help of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and my Study Abroad Advisors, I am able travel to Valencia, Spain for Winter Quarter 2012 to study the spanish language and learn about Spain's culture. In return for receiving the Gilman scholarship, I am writing an online blog journal to document my experiences and demonstrate what I have learned. My goal for the end of my study abroad program was to become fluent in Spanish and write my journals first in Spanish and then translate to English, however, after arriving in Spain, I realize that eleven weeks is not a sufficient amount of time to become fluent. My goal now is to learn as much as possible and become confident in speaking Spanish, so that I may continue to practice when I return to Washington. Wish me luck! ------------------------ Soy un estudiante de North Seattle Community College. Con la ayuda de la beca Benjamin A. Gilman Internacional y mi Asesores de Estudios en el extranjero, que era puede viajar a Valencia, España para el trimestre de invierno de 2012, para estudiar el idioma español y aprender sobre la cultura de España. A cambio de recibir la beca Gilman, estoy escribiendo un diario blog en línea para documentar mis experiencias y demostrar lo que he aprendido. Mi meta para el final de mi programa de estudios en el extranjero se convirtió en habla español con fluidez y escribir mis primeras revistas en español y luego se traducen en Inglés, sin embargo, después de llegar a España, me doy cuenta de que once semanas no es una cantidad suficiente de tiempo para convertirse en con fluidez. Mi objetivo ahora es aprender tanto como sea posible y tener confianza en hablar en español, para que pueda seguir practicando cuando regrese a Washington. Deséame suerte!

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