Thinking critically

I grew up in a Christian home, went to church several times a week, and attended a private Christian school for my elementary school years. All this continued into Jr. High and High School with the exception of switching from my private school to being homeschooled. I served in the church nursery, and kids clubs in Jr. High, then moved on to being a Jr. High leader and High School student leader my last few years of high school. My first two years of college were spent at a private Christian University, before I left for personal reasons, and started at NSCC one year ago. The time at this school has been perhaps the most challenging, and most beneficial year of my life. It’s been my first experience with public school, and the diversity on this campus has caused me to grow and learn in many new ways. I’ve become a critical thinker, and enjoy conversations about God, religion, and life in general with people of all different beliefs. It’s caused me to reassess my own beliefs and values and, again, to think critically. While I haven’t abandoned all the teachings of my youth, I no longer accept all of them either. The diversity of this campus has led to personal growth, and I’m extremely grateful for it.

-Bio 100 Diversity Blogger



One thought on “Thinking critically

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